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We might look like any normal happy ­family on a hectic Monday ­morning, but Lisa is neither my wife, nor the mother of my three eldest children.She is a former childhood ­neighbour of mine and friend to my first wife, Joanne, who died of pancreatic ­cancer three years ago.My own loss, unbearable as it was — I believed that I’d never be happy again — seemed nothing in ­comparison to theirs.

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At the same time, Lisa pointed out that as a result of my spoiling Kai after his ­mother’s death, I now had very little control in my own home.

I knew she was right, but also that Kai was still suffering terribly from the loss of his mother and in need of a lot of emotional support.

But I certainly wasn’t aware at this point of any physical attraction between us.

Then, about four months after Joanne’s death, I was invited to a ­charity evening by a friend and Lisa was there, too. But as the evening went on, with a stab of guilt, I ­discovered I was really enjoying myself.

They collected the children after school and looked after them til I returned in the evening.

During this time I was hugely touched by the number of friends who offered to help.

When I returned on Sunday my ­parents-in-law sternly informed me that the ­children had been ‘distraught’ to see me drive off with another woman and even worse, another little girl.

I could tell from their disapproving manner that they, too, were angered by my behaviour.

Two years later we were married and our children Kai and Tallulah followed (Paige is from a ­previous relationship of Joanne’s).

I really believed that nothing bad could ever happen to us.

Eventually, over the next 12 months, I introduced the children to Lisa and Skye properly. In Autumn 2009, I told them I wanted Lisa and Skye to move in and Kai, in particular, became disruptive and impossible to discipline.

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