Who is whoopi goldberg dating now the perfect match dating

The two also spent a lot of their off-hours together.

“Whoopi is smart, and what she’s seen in life is worth the trip,” Danson says.

Just days after shooting began, Goldberg hired a three-piece chamber ensemble to serenade her leading man during the time he spent waiting between scenes.

“I’d walk in Whoopi’s shadow for the rest of my life—I adore the woman,” Danson said, though he purportedly was talking about their future on-screen collaborations and not their private offscreen life.

Danson and Goldberg are not the only stars to have had their heads turned and their lives turned inside out of late by the intoxicating atmosphere of a movie location. “There was an immediate attraction,” says a senior member of the crew.

But when the sets were struck, Goldberg and Danson were both in new and different places, emotionally and otherwise.

By the time of the publicity tour or the movie, their public sightings had become too numerous—and affectionate—to ignore.

Her fans saw her as the character she played in , a comic love story that opened last Friday, took exactly 10 weeks to shoot.

The gag-laden tale of an unlikely artificial insemination invoking a while car salesman and a black bookstore owner came in on time and on budget.

And Andrew Shue, 25, and Courtney Thorne-Smith, 25, are reportedly sweethearts not just on in 1942.

(For some history, see photos, page 94.) “It doesn’t happen on the [studio] lot so much,” says screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, himself a player in the Sliver shenanigans.

'” says actress Jennifer Tilly (referring to the company that owns NBC, ‘ network).

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