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De asemenea, muncesc cu seriozitate maximă pentru tot ceea ce am, niciodată nu mi-a căzut ceva „din cer”.

Aş mai adăuga spiritul de solidaritate cu oamenii din jurul meu, empatia.

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Mă identific cu personajul meu în măsura în care cred în dragoste la prima vedere şi lupt pentru ceea ce îmi doresc.

Sunt onest cu sentimentele mele şi ale omului pe care îl iubesc.

the arrival of The Holy Fire on Saturday at the Tomb of Christ in Jerusalem is the greatest miracle that people can whitness.

It is a miracle that proves to the end of time the Resurrection of Christ, light of the light.

Because people are still skeptical, rigorous controls are proving that the miracle is genuine.

Secular authorities at Jerusalem severely inspected the holy site to ensure that there is no source of fire and even controlling the Greek priest who put cotton woll over the place where the body of Savior was placed before the Resurrection.

Appearances, sounds and special sensations associated with the Holy Fire (flickers of lightning, rumble, etc..), all the supernatural qualities of the flame (strange color, gentle, warm temperature, temporarily non-expendable) which has been produced intense excitement over the faithful had fascinated scientists of the phenomenon for centuries.

The phenomenon of Holy Fire of Jerusalem last a remarkable reminiscence dating back to the ancient undivided Church of Old and New Rome.

Here he lights two bouquets of 33 candles, - the number representing the age of Christ at the crucifixion.


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