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Yes, Selwyn is expensive, but it’s also extremely friendly and I believe the Council are capable of addressing this” Sam Trizuljak, a student at Catz, was surprised at how cheap it is relative to other colleges.

“Don’t really know why Catz would be the least expensive of colleges” he said ” but I think it may be the case that they are just a really nice people.

Bursaries are for use during the long vacation in the year the award is made only and are not transferable; if successful applicants are not able to complete the course in the specified year, the bursary must be repaid in full and a new application submitted in the following year.

* travel costs will only be met where language study is the main or only reason for your trip ** accommodation costs will only be met for the duration of the language courses Further information is available from the Pressland Fund Administrator, [email protected]

Murray Edwards and Corpus have the highest charges while Kings charges a reasonable £127.40.

Drinks in the College Bar Students at colleges close to Cambridge’s centre are saved the fairly expensive cost of a taxi home after a night out.

The Buttery has also recently started providing cheap meals.

I don’t think a jacket potato with baked beans is my cup of tea, nor do I believe it’s that healthy, but it’s good to know that the College is aware of student budgeting and is willing to compromise where possible.

Residents of Wolfson and Homerton pay the most for a taxi, which costs them £9.20 and £8.80 for a one-way trip.

Library Fines Most colleges charge between 20p and 50p per day for late library books, although nine college libraries charge nothing.

Clare Hall, Downing and Selwyn had some of the most expensive butteries, charging more than £5.50 for an average meal.


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