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She argued that accepting the label would be accepting a disability.

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She argued that while she is a female to her partner and family, when it comes to her job, her sex is irrelevant.

She was adamant that the sex label of ‘female’ had no place in the professional world as it is about craft and talent, not the kind of genitalia with which one is born. It was a point she returned to over and again during her presentation.

She argued that this was also eroded the potential of emerging talents.

“We can’t be telling talented people who are trying to come into the industry that they are too dark,” she argued.

“A Jamaica teach me what to be by being what me no want.” she continued, noting the issues of misogyny and homophobia .

“Mi see the hate and it don’t work fi di I.” She also explained that speaking the truth and being herself were her only options.

She revealed that not only did she not have time to wear a mask, but she probably would not be able to remember the charade she was trying to keep up.

“I’ve had so much to drink, I only have 5 brain cells left,” she said with a laugh, although the entire talk belied that statement.

She therefore explained that although there is a lot of public criticism of bleaching several mechanics in and outside of the industry promote and encourage it.


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