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Now the government has told internet service providers to start entirely shutting off access to the site, which joins a long list of blocked pages in Russia.

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These mind-blowing photos, supposedly from Russian dating sites, have been gaining popularity on Reddit. Between the ridiculous props (is that guy pointing a gun at his own reflection?

), the gratuitous rugs (hey, it gets cold in Russia!

Well, this time around, we are going to show you some of the craziest pictures found on Russian dating web sites.

Be prepared to witness some fo the craziest things ever found on any dating website!

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I'm not sure if any people saw this before blocking, but if you are here and you can read Russian, now you know to grow some shrooms, thanks to RKN.”The post was barely read for most of the two years that it sat on the site, receiving only one upvote and one comment.

In another post, rsocfan pointed out that the message was getting far more attention after the block than it ever had before.

The ban is being instituted by internet service providers on order of the government, rather than by the government itself.


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