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You are also expected to bring flowers for the bride at this point.After the Starea Civila, photos are taken and, depending on the time of the day the ceremony took place, everybody goes straight to the church or meet at the church a few hours later (it’s usually the latter, allowing the bride to change clothes and get into her beautiful dress).The ceremony at the church is usually long and extremely boring as well – it could take up to two hours and you usually have to stand for the entire duration of it.

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There are usually 4 courses plus desert (the wedding cake which, for most, signals that the party is over – and afterwards it’s usually just the young people and close friends who stay to party), each with 1.5 – 2 hours in between (usually).

There are also snacks, fruits, extra cakes and even “eating breaks” (we had sorbet in between, for example).

Anyway, it’s usually a ton of food and you’ll probably be surprised to see that most people eat everything!

Here are some of things you should expect during the wedding party in Romania: – a slow start of the party itself.

As you can see, there’s a lot happening in the same day, so many people are now splitting this in two episodes: one when they go to the Starea Civila and officially get married, then the Church and Party for the second.

Usually, when people invite you to their wedding, they don’t really expect you to be present at the Starea Civila and/or the Church (unless you’re the godfather/godmother or hold another important role).Eventually, though, things pick up and there will be a lot of fun and dancing and surprise events.– you could expect to have a live band or multiple live bands, including a lot of traditional music or a more modern approach – a DJ.At my wedding, I had to sing and the godfather had to give the kidnappers a bottle of whiskey – which he filled with apple juice.So pranks like this can be expected and the entire event is usually a lot of fun. It’s a traditional, special event centered around the bride trading her veil for a scarf.For example, if you somehow get to a Romanian wedding in a village, expect all the food (sometimes for hundreds of guests) to be prepared at home by the bride and groom’s family and friends, expect the alcohol to be home made, expect no real dress code, most likely a live local band that will only play traditional music and extremely friendly people (many of whom will be really drunk by the end of the party).


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