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Plagiarism is presenting someone else's words or ideas as one's own, thus constituting misrepresentation and fraud.If I were to try to convince the world that it was I, not Pablo Picasso, who painted The Old Guitar Player, I would be labeled a fraud.

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I caution students to avoid paraphrasing (sentence-by-sentence rewriting), because it usually leads to plagiarism.

A much better method is to read the source material and summarize it in briefer form.

Below you will find resources related to research methodologies in [Department].

These resources discuss both primary and secondary research methodologies and practices in the field of [department].

THE PLAGIARISM OF THE EASY PATH There are students and information workers who think the risk of getting caught is worth the benefit, preferring the broad way that might lead to destruction to the narrow road that leads to honest enlightenment.

We've made things even easier by providing them with so much digital content.THE PLAGIARIST WHO DESPISES INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Other plagiarists don't see themselves as academic criminals at all.They argue that information, once published in any form, is theirs to use as they see fit.The research findings showed that 40 percent of almost 50,000 undergraduates questioned have plagiarized from the Net, up from only 10 percent in 1999.What is more, fully 77 percent did not view such activity as a serious issue.For educators, this is sufficient to put plagiarism near the top of the information crimes agenda.

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