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-sehulub (se-huluzi L) to make the last cut to a kaross to bring it to size before hemming it. -sehaka (sehakile) (1) to cut into pieces; (2) to cir-cumcise .

-sehela (sehezi) to cut out for someone: Ni na mu ni sehele kwa nama, cut a small piece of meat for me also int.

to teach a person to follow one's bad habits, to lead someone into evil. i shambani hahulu too much space has been left be tween the lines of this mat.

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-sebela (sebezl) to whisper, to, to tell a secret to. -sebana (xbanl or se-banile) to calumniate each other.

to feach (as suffering): Ha u sa lati ku sebeza, ni wena tala i ta ku sebeza; if you do not like to work, hunger will cer-tainly teach you. -sebeleza (se-belelize) (1) to work for, to serve (2) to worship: Ku sebeleza Mulimu, ki makalelo a butali, to worship God is the beginning of wisdom. -sebelisa (sebellsize) to give work to someone, to super-vise workmen- to use: Ha mu sebe-lisa silepe seo, mu tokomele si buhali hahulu, take care when using that axe, for it is very sharp. -isebeleza (ise-belelize) to work for oneself: Mutu ya isebeleza, ki yena ya ta kona ku ipilisa; a person who knows how to work without the help of others will be able to support himself.-sefal (sefile) i.t.

-isabisa (Isabl-size) to protect oneself against: U isabisafela mabisi a mwa makapa ki amande mwa tfi; you refuse with-out reason to use condensed milk but it is good in tea.~ma (samlie) v.t.

-samela (samezi) to prepare a pillow for soneone: Mu nangule mukuli kwa toho lu mu samele hande: lift up the patient's head, so that we may arrange his pillow.

to be agi-tated, to write in pain (like a dying person): Kacena ki s Eyumbela. today a big catch using poison, has been or-ganised, so the fish will wriggle! ~a Rdela (sbandezi) to ~ somewhere: I olofolo ,ve ne ni kunu-pile.

-shana_isa (~u_") to help to ~.sbanda2 (sb ndile) v.i. -sb ngeb (sbangezi) to start a dance on the o Ecial danc-er's behalf.-sisyama (sbangami) v.i. to lie or sit on top of something; to attack by surprise: Ha lu yo kumbuluka ngwe ki kale i mu shangama; before we realized, the leopard was on him.

-sefulul (sefuluzl) to sift for the second time: Mu sefulule bupi, bo, ha bu sika neka hande; sift this lour again, for it is not fine enough. -sefa-sefa (sefa-sefe) to sift a small quantity of meal.

-sehela (sehezi) to welcome with a laugh; to laugh at, to make fun of. -sehisa (sehisize) to make someone laugh, to amuse. -seha-seha (seha-sehile) to laugh for joy, to show happiness in laughing.-seha2 (sehile) v.t.

to involve fasely someone in a case- to accuse: Mu sike mwa ni sasa mwa litaba za mina, do not involve me in your affairs.

~sa~ (s s ~gize) to rub inef-ficiently or lightly ref.

to enjoy the satisfaction of having eaten succu-lent relish after having been long-ing for it for a long time.


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