Patron saint for dating couples

Today so many people are afraid of making definitive decisions. But if, instead, love is a relationship, then it is a reality that grows, and we can also say by way of example that it is built up like a home. To build something here means to foster and aid growth.

One boy said to his bishop: “I want to become a priest, but only for ten years”. But that is a general fear that comes from our culture. Today everything changes so quickly, nothing lasts long. Dear engaged couples, you are preparing to grow together, to build this home, to live together forever.

And he makes it ever greater when the family grows with children.

On this journey prayer is important, it is necessary, always: he for her, she for him and both together. In the prayer of the Our Father we say: “Give us this day our daily bread”. It’s this, reaching this point: making one another grow together, one another.

The more you trust in him, the more your love will be “forever”, able to be renewed, and it will conquer every difficulty. for if you let the day end without making peace, the next day what is inside of you is cold and hardened and it is even more difficult to make peace.

This was what I thought I would like to say to you, responding to your question. Living together: The ‘style’ of married life This question was asked by Stefano and Valentina, two young people from Ciociaria. Accusing the other to avoid saying “I’m sorry”, “forgive me”. It is an instinct that stands at the origin of so many disasters. Jesus, who knows us well, teaches us a secret: don’t let a day end without asking forgiveness, without peace returning to our home, to our family. Remember: never let the sun go down without making peace! The style of celebrating marriage The last question was asked by Miriam and Marco, a young engaged couple from Massa Carrara, “Your Holiness, in these months we are preparing for our wedding. At the same time, however, it is good that your wedding be simple and make what is truly important stand out. And thus, I don’t know, I am thinking of you that one day you will walk along the streets of your town and the people will say: “Look at that beautiful woman, so strong! “With the husband that she has, it’s understandable!

For, dear engaged couples, “forever” is not only a question of duration!

A marriage is not successful just because it endures; quality is important.

You need to know how to say thank you in order to go forward in a good way together in married life. Marriage is also an everyday task, I could say a craftsman’s task, a goldsmith’s work, because the husband has the duty of making the wife more of a woman and the wife has the duty of making the husband more of a man.

Five years ago, I heard about a couple of other women praying to St.

It’s important to ask yourself if it is possible to love each other “forever”.

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