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It's also arguably one of the most expensive keyboards on the planet, with little in the way of stand out features to justify its cost. The Black Berry Z10 arrived in a whirlwind of frenzied marketing at the beginning of the year, but that new phone smell is starting to wear off so here's the second new instalment from the company formerly known as RIM - the Black Berry Q10.

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You'll need to pop the battery out of the Q10 to gain access to the micro SIM port, but thankfully the location of the micro SD slot means you can swap out cards without have to remove the phone's power source.

The catch keeping the rear plate in place seemed sturdy enough fresh out the box, but we fear it could wear down pretty quickly and we've heard from other Black Berry Q10 reviewers that their back plates are already feeling a bit loose.

The Black Berry Q10 arrives as the natural successor to the Bold 9900 and Bold 9790 at the top end of the keyboard toting tree, which has been pretty much ignored by every other manufacturer as touchscreen smartphones are today's big business.

There's still a market for handsets sporting a set of physical keys though, with a number of people still preferring the dexterity and accuracy this option provides over their touchscreen rivals.

If price is not a factor, as other person said get Q10.

It has more internal space, stronger CPU, quality build - metal inside, removable battery - important for older devices.It joins a centralised metal power/lock key which looks identical to the one found on the Z and is pretty easy to hit and responsive when you do so.On the right you get the same trio of buttons as you find on the flagship Z10, with volume switches sandwiching a third key which activates voice control when held down.Every now and then when we slide the Q10 out of our jeans the rear plate would come loose and while we maybe need to stay away from the skinny leg garments, it's a bit annoying.Thankfully the headphone jack has been moved from its rather inconveniently positioned spot on the side of previous Black Berry devices to the top of the Q10, allowing you to slide the handset into your pocket without fear of snagging the cord.Black Berry is keen to keep up the premium appeal of its first Black Berry 10 handsets, with the Q10 sporting an equally lofty price and you can expect it to set you back around £560 (around 0/AU0) SIM-free.


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