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If a film is reviewed, the reviewer's initials are indicated in brackets after the text.

A description not followed by brackets indicates that the distributor's or director's summary has been used.

The following format is used to indicate further information about the film: DREAMS OF HIND AND CAMILIA -- Title 1989 - Year 115 min.

The Story of Oil is recommended for a history of oil and related development in the region, and Cities of Salt for a critique of the oil industry and its effects on Saudi Arabia. ARNA'S CHILDREN: 2003, 84 min., Color, Arabic, Hebrew, and English w/English subtitles Yussef committed a suicide attack in 2001. Alla led a group of resistance fighters to his death in 2003.

The director, who documented them as promising child actors in a theatre group he founded with his mother Arna, returns to Jenin Refugee Camp in April 2002, to see what happened to the children he knew and loved...

ART AND THE ISLAMIC WORLD: 1993, 32 min, 2", Color, H, U, G.

An excellent and easily accessible video that uses as illustrations slides of architecture, art and fine arts from all over the Islamic world, including Macedonia, Nigeria, North Africa, Western Asia and China.

[AGF] Produced by Walter Denny and Carel Bertram for Middle East Institute. Ashkenazim - Jews of European origin - are Israel's "white folks." And like most white folks in a multicultural society they see themselves as the norm and don't think of themselves in racial or ethnic terms because by now, "Aren't we all Israeli?

" Yiddish has been replaced with Hebrew, exile with occupation, the shtetl with the kibbutz, and old-fashioned irony with post-modern cynicism.

The tape makes for a heroic tale, but as one might expect, fails to place American efforts in the larger context of oil exploration in the Arabian peninsula, Iran and Iraq that began with the British in the 1890s, and was joined by the Dutch, French and Americans in the next century.


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  3. These attacks rely on some part of memory, usually the stack, being both writeable and executable; if it is not, the attack fails.

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