Life of an architect dating an architect

It can make the difference between a well-built project for the most reasonable cost and disaster.

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The titles of these plans are not important; what services they include are.

Most architectural clients should consider engaging their architect to provide at least Tier 5 services.

Also: residential renovation projects always involve some form of investigation and discovery, which requires more time on the part of the architect to understand what is existing in order to add to it or move it or remove it.

It is always easier to build new, from the architect’s perspective, than to have to understand what exists, then how to carefully change certain portions of that to have new features installed and added.

So there are two examples of probable architect fee ranges for custom single family houses.

Perhaps it is now more understandable why there is a relationship between the cost, size and complexity of a house, the range of services and the Architect’s fee.

TIER 2 Basic Cabinetry: up to 12% /- up to 14% TIER 3 Basic Cabinetry Electrical: up to 13% /- up to 15% TIER 4 Basic Cabinetry Electrical Bidding (and related): up to 13.75% /- up to 15.75% TIER 5 Basic Cabinetry Electrical Bidding Construction Administration: up to 16.25% /- up to 18.25% TIER 6 Basic Cabinetry Electrical Bidding Construction Administration Project Management: up to 18.25% /- up to 20.25% Various architects and organizations may call these residential architectural fee packages different names.

For instance, Tier 1 obviously is for Basic Services.

The numbers in this list below are further documented below this list (which can be seen lower down on this page).


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