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Then she takes a shower, soaping up her boobs, bush and butt.

We get long lingering, wet, soapy views of all three. Soon she discovers a long-dead mummy on the floor and crouches down to examine it, giving us a two minute upskirt tease that's just a little too dark to see anything.

Ultimately, large portions of the public may end up knowing nothing else about the work.

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Or, in an even more extreme case, a penis when it pops up on screen.

This trope refers to the actions of characters rather than characterization.

This is particularly prominent ("for some reason") any time there's a dude on display in a work with any meaningful proportion of straight men in the audience.

But hey, remembered positively or negatively, it's all the same in the end—hype is hype. For the more romantic equivalent, see Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls.

Waldorf: You know, it's funny, but I don't remember any fanservice in this show.

Statler: At our age, we can barely remember the show at all! She's a plump, strawberry blonde, who's wearing a see-thru dress, a sash around her waist and nothing else.We see her C-cups, and red-bush, at a medium distance, off and on for about 8 minutes in total, while she plays with her boobs and masturbates her pussy, and while Misty arouses the mummy, in her own inimitable way.Don't laugh—Shannon Elizabeth and Denise Richards got respectively.At times this effect can become self-perpetuating: the mainstream audience first discovers a work due to its fanservice, and when word starts to spread about it, the fanservice is what newcomers hear about first as well.We are also given long slow pans up and down her full figure. At she has entered her father's library and is looking through his books, when she bends over and, from a low angle, show us her panty-less ass, and p-lips for about 8 seconds (probably the longest p-lip exposure she has ever done. She pulls her skirt up just once, to remind us that her panties are nowhere to be found.

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