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Remarks You can customize the Ribbon user interface (UI) by using callback procedures in COM add-ins.

invalidating site

Issue an HTTP request that causes Dispatcher to delete files from the cache.

Dispatcher caches the files again only when it recieves a client request for the page.

You should create a dedicated user account for use with replication agents.

For more information see the Configure Replication and Transport Users section of the Security Checklist.

package com.adobe.example; import org.apache.annotations.

The comma marks a short pause between elements in a sentence.

The object that is returned by the on Load procedure specified on the custom UI tag.

The object contains methods for invalidating control properties and for refreshing the user interface.

The HTTP request causes Dispatcher to delete specific files from the cache.

Optionally, the Dispatcher then refreshes the cache with a new copy.

The servlet uses the values to construct the HTTP request for Dispatcher.

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