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The Code Connection, located in the Conduct section of PG&E's online Guidance Document Library, maps sections of this Code to sources for additional guidance and more detailed information.

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Employees in supervisory and other leadership positions may not retaliate, tolerate retaliation by others, or threaten retaliation.

Look to the Code Connection to find additional guidance on sections of this Code of Conduct.

Use our values and this Code as guides whenever you have a question about the right thing to do.

For additional guidance, you should talk to your supervisor or Human Resources representative, or call the Compliance and Ethics Helpline at 888-231-2310.

You must not engage in any on-duty conduct that would impair your job performance, cause damage to PG&E or public property, jeopardize your safety or the safety of others, or negatively affect PG&E's reputation or image.

If you are off-duty and wearing clothing with a PG&E logo or driving a vehicle with the PG&E logo, be mindful that the public sees you as representing PG&E and your conduct affects the company's reputation and image.

If you’re not comfortable raising the issue with your supervisor, go to the next level of management within your organization.

You also may contact your Human Resources representative, another appropriate department such as Corporate Security, or the Compliance and Ethics Helpline at 888-231-2310.

Make yourself aware of the requirements associated with your job.

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