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The OV-chipkaart website ( also has an English language section where you can find lines of action should you lose your card or forget to swipe out (you will automatically be charged the maximum travel price but refunds can be requested).

Tot mijn verbazing tref ik elke dag witte smurie in mijn slipje aan. Maar ik zal nooit mijn sperma in haar slipje spuiten, vind ik erg smerig.

Wel wil ze regelmatig gevingerd worden, wat ik uiteraard ook graag doe. Ook ik denk dat een bezoekje aan je huisarts geen kwaad kan.

This is a door-to-door taxi service at fixed prices, for up to four people (starting at EUR 6).

Special needs on the train You should, if required, call and pre-book assistance (number below), at least three hours in advance of your journey from the (Help for the Disabled).

Most wheelchairs can travel on the trains, although width and weight restrictions apply, and those that use a fuel-based motor are not allowed on the train.

If you travel regularly with a carer, you can apply for a special travel pass, or from Dutch Rail NS (see below) that allows free travel for your carer.

There are two types of cards (EUR 7.50): anonymous, which anyone can buy from the OV-chipkaart machines or station, or personal, which you can apply for online.

Your pass can be loaded from one of the OV-chipkaart machines strategically placed at train and metro stations, or you can arrange for your personal card to ‘load’ automatically from a bank account.

They can then check the information on their system.

For certain cities, you can organise the NS Zonetaxi when you buy your train ticket.

NS offers season tickets and discounts for off-peak travel ( which include up to 40 percent discount off the price of your tickets and up to three people travelling with you. If you forget to swipe out, you have up to six hours to go back and check out, otherwise you must claim back the added costs.

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