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We're constantly seduced into buying the shiniest toys, upgrading our i Phones every couple of years, and returning any item that delivers less than complete satisfaction.When this mindset is applied to our relationships, alas, many could-have-been-happy-together couples crash on the shoals of unrealistic expectations.There are four categories for each partner: his or her good points during the relationship, his or her bad points, your good points, and your bad points.

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Tami's parents rejected her when she came out to them at age 16.

As a result, she didn't expect to be loved for who she was, and for years Tami chose partners who didn't share her values — monogamy, family, honesty, kindness: "My most serious girlfriends and former wife cheated and lied constantly.

"Even though Jim took me out for a lavish meal to celebrate my work promotion, I never even asked him how he felt after he was passed over for partner at his law firm. " Writing out the patterns helped Rachel more clearly see her romantic strengths and weaknesses, as well as offering a road map toward overcoming her weaknesses.

For instance, she had labeled herself "needy" in four of the five relationships she outlined.

" followed by a suggestion, "Let's look at the reasons you've thought love meant pain." To aid in this psychological excavation, I asked Rachel (names are changed), a survivor of multiple dysfunctional relationships, to do a "love résumé" as homework and to bring in the results during the next session.

This involved making a chart listing details of her most important failed romances.

I told Tami, "You're scared, and that's totally normal, but being okay with uncomfortable, scary feelings ultimately takes more energy than sabotaging the relationship." I told her when a thought like, "Sheila has no sense of style; I can't be with someone who wears Gap clothing" invaded her head, to yell: "Stop — I'm creating bullshit because I'm scared!

" I also suggested she discuss her fears with Sheila.

Instead of a movie date, Catron and her co-experimenter, an acquaintance she'd admired from afar, asked and answered a series of increasingly personal questions like, "Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die?

" and, "For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

When you run into relationship conflict, then, it's vital to ask yourself why this person is displeasing you — is it something concrete he or she has done or not done?


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