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ABC News reports that neither is likely: When asked on Sunday night whether Moore would step aside if President Trump were to ask him to, Moore’s senior campaign adviser Brett Doster said: “No. It’s also worth remembering that this represents only what is known by the media — it is likely that special counsel Robert S.

a man who declined to give his name said, “This is Republican town, man. Kay Ivey said on Sunday that she “is not considering and has no plans to move the special election for U. Summary: Despite denials from the campaign and the White House, it’s now clear that members of the Trump campaign corresponded or met with Russians at least 30 times throughout the campaign.

[Moore] could have killed Obama, and we wouldn’t care.” * ROY MOORE ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE: There has been some talk about whether Trump and Republicans might push Roy Moore out of the race or whether the governor might reschedule this special election. Knowledge of these communications went to the highest levels of Donald Trump’s operation — both Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort, two of the campaign’s three managers, were aware of it.

The question now is what Mc Connell and other top Republicans are prepared to actually do about Moore’s candidacy — and what steps they’re ready to take to prevent Moore from serving in the Senate if he wins. Meanwhile, election law expert Rick Hasen explains why it would likely be unconstitutional to reschedule or cancel the election — and why it would set a terrible precedent.

Most said they didn’t believe the allegations and some said even if they are true, that wouldn’t sway their vote for him next month because they think Moore is a good man … * A TIMELINE OF TRUMP CAMPAIGN CONTACTS WITH RUSSIANS: Post fact checker Meg Kelly offers a comprehensive video rundown of all the times that Trump campaign officials met or corresponded with Russians during the campaign.

Keith Ellison’s Muslim faith might disqualify him.) But the most likely outcome is that no matter what does surface, it will not be enough to puncture the “if true” rhetorical shield.

Update: Mc Connell has now called on Moore to step aside from the race, declaring: “I believe the women.” That is a good development, and a clear break with the previous strategy.

Republicans will then be able to accept Moore as a senator — with professed deep reservations, of course, but also with a kind of “we can’t ever know the truth” shrug.

And any such carefully cultivated uncertainty could also help minimize any taint that outcome might bring to the party heading into 2018.

The White House and Republicans can, of course, prove all of this wrong, by declaring Moore unfit for office, or by supporting procedural moves to keep him out of the Senate.

(Let’s not forget that Moore was removed from the bench for placing God’s law above U. law, believes homosexuality should be illegal, and said Rep.

As Axios’s Jonathan Swan notes, the first big Breitbart story along these lines — which seizes on an inconsequential detail in accuser Leigh Corfman’s story — doesn’t discredit her claims in the least. Senate/Facebook) The crucial point here is that the goal of establishing more facts to enable a more informed judgment in this dispute — whether voiced by White House advisers who say Moore deserves a chance to present evidence in his favor, or by Breitbart operatives who are doing their own “reporting” on the story — is the exact opposite of the real aim.


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