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Then she heard it, the tell-tale signs of a blinding orgasm.

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Jason was a womanizer, always on the prowl for the next great lay.

And his seductions often focused on married women, whom he believed were looking for the excitement their husbands didn’t give them, but a bad boy like he could readily supply.

Then Lauren herself came hard on her fingers and shook from the intensity of the orgasm.

Leaning against the window for support, she felt her juices running down her leg, giving her that dirty girl feeling that added a certain intensity and excitement to it all.

With each hard thrust of his cock, Jason fully impaled his captive, and each time she gave out a primal moan or scream that fed Lauren’s own erotic desires and cravings.

The woman was taking a pounding from a frenzied Jason that slammed his cock in and out of her in rapid fire, as if he were a man possessed by a demon; completely out of control with animal lust.

On a warm, quiet night, Lauren lay in bed listening, through her open bedroom window, to the deep moans of an unknown woman that was repeatedly brought near climax, only to be edged back from her orgasmic bliss.

Lauren’s husband, dead to the world in a deep sleep, lay next to her, oblivious of the other woman but thirty feet outside their window, being ravaged by Jason, who had been their best man just three years ago.

Lauren’s fingers were massaging her rock hard nipples as she imagined Jason’s sexual assault on the unknown woman’s body.

He was staying in their guest house just behind the swimming pool for a few days, but from the loud noises the lust filled couple was making, they clearly hadn’t made it inside before they were overcome with passion.

Standing near a window, peering into the darkness of the night, she could just make them out in the shadows, their bodies reflecting a light glow from the pool lamps which cast a soft light.


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