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It was hard to explain the appeal, but it was an oddly satisfying experience and quickly shot up to the top of the charts.Since then it's gained new modes, unlockable items, and online multiplayer, and has become a mainstay on my device.Since then, several updates have been released adding great new power-ups, game modes, and more.

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The number of apps in the App Store soared past 300,000 with hundreds of new games being released every day.

We sat down trying to figure out the best i Phone games of 2010 and found the task of narrowing down the list to a select few to be near impossible.

If you were around for the original release of the game, hearing the opening theme again will likely be worth the price of admission alone.

is intact in this new version, both the good and the bad, and has been reworked effectively for virtual touch screen controls.

To make him speed up, you draw a downward slope, and to make him jump you simply draw a ramp.

It works incredibly well both on the i Phone and i Pad.

succeeds in delivering highly enjoyable platform gameplay to the i Phone.

The original was fun, but the sequel goes well beyond, feeling notably more "fleshed out," with a good deal more eye-candy.

Sadly, you'll need a 3rd generation i Pod, i Phone 3GS, or later to enjoy them.

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