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They aren’t required to hold your hand as you process your issues.

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This is something I see over and over again – mostly from men, but from women too – people complaining that they can’t get over someone because they need “closure”.

In theory, the idea behind closure is that either by confronting the issues that ended the relationship or having a final airing of grievances, the afflicted party will finally be able to tie their relationship up in a neat bow and sail off into the sunset. that’s not only not how things work but that’s usually .

Most of us don’t blink when a friend says they’ve cut off an ex.

But if you’ve ever been cut off by someone you care deeply for, then you know how distinctly painful an experience it can be.

Saying “I want to stay friends” ((In those moments where they’re being serious rather than trying to make the break-up less awkward)) is a someone wants to make an effort to make sure you’re ok afterwards, that’s very sweet of them. I consider not causing someone unnecessary pain to be key part of being a good man rather than an asshole.

Now stop trying to out-clever me and pay attention.) And – importantly – you’re owed an explanation and you’re not owned a “resolution”. Well that’s because: Over and over again, Reifman insists that everything happened without explanation and that he needs “closure” and that he deserves some sort of “resolution” to the end of their (again: ) relationship.Rather than face my need for explanation and desire for resolution, she chose to withdraw.The friend who was told to break up via “JSC” told me another story.Furthermore, if the person being cut off has trauma in their background, the psychological impacts can be devastating.I’m not talking about distancing ourselves from those we casually date or asking for space after a breakup or simply choosing not to be friends with our exes. Especially that “without explanation” part, something that he is going to emphasize over and over again.At the last minute, she canceled our first night out as friends and tearfully said she needed a week of space.

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